Branding Market Research Services

Branding Market Research Services

Brand Research - B2B Market Research Services

Ducker Worldwide is a strategic consulting and research firm driven to help our clients achieve their most ambitious growth goals through global branding studies.

Brand equity is an integral part of market growth and it is important for companies in all industries to understand their position in the market. At Ducker Worldwide we partner with clients to understand brand health, competitive landscape, as well as what marketing tools should be utilized to achieve the best results. We work together to form a brand strategy that will allow our clients to attain the position in the market that they desire.

Ducker Worldwide’s global services and capabilities surrounding branding include:

  • Determining major themes or messages used in marketing
  • Comprehending the importance of regional or global differentiation among brands
  • Identifying primary marketing vehicles
  • Integrating recently acquired brands under current umbrellas
  • Benchmarking brand strategies of competitors
  • Analyzing current market positions and critical performance areas

Ducker Worldwide provides branding insight for several industries, including:

  • Residential construction
  • Nonresidential construction
  • Industrial products
  • Automotive products
  • Transportation
  • Safety and security
  • Materials

Our experts hold proprietary knowledge and will work with you to develop the right program to address your organization's needs.

For more information on our strategic services and industry expertise, contact one of our team members at 1-800-929-0086 or email us at

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Ducker Worldwide has locations in North America, Asia and Europe.