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Accelerating Automotive Growth Opportunities

Growth is being driven by new players, new technologies and a rapid change in suppliers and sales channels to the automotive OE and aftermarket. As North American light vehicle volumes moderate in comparison to recent years, corporate growth and profitability expectations will surely not.

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The Era of Smart – Trends in Smart Building Technology Adoption

“Smart buildings/homes” and the “Internet of Things” (IoT) have dominated headlines in recent years as an emphasis on energy efficiency has remained a focus of global governments and corporations. However, headlines do not necessarily equate to guaranteed growth. Forecasts for overall growth in the development of “smart buildings” are strong – according to recent reports and press, the global smart building market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 34-35% from 2016 to 2021, totaling roughly $25 billion by 2021, up from approximately $6 billion in 2016.

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Ducker Dirt Report - Spring 2017

Optimism was high at the 2017 ConExpo/ConAgg show in Las Vegas, predicting that the future is bright for the Heavy Equipment industry.

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Qualitative Online B2B Communities – Delivering Real Time Customer Information

B2B Online Communities deliver real-time information about your customer usage, attitudes, expectations, pain points, suggestions and satisfaction year around.

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The Sharing Economy and B2B - Construction Industry

Today, the “Sharing Economy” is strong, and steadily growing in B2C markets – many examples of this new business model rise every day around the world. From the obvious Airbnb and Uber to the successful BlaBlaCar and Drivy in Europe, sharing owned assets is becoming a way of life. However, this trend is not limited to B2C markets. The Sharing Economy is also starting to penetrate several industrial B2B markets. 

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Ducker Dirt Report - Fall 2015 Edition

The game has changed dramatically in the construction equipment industry. Historically, customer pride of ownership and brand loyalty was king in the market. However, brand loyalty has slipped and customers are seeking more sophisticated technologies and ways to assist them with lowering total cost of ownership.

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White Paper: Fundamentals of Forecasting – Pulling it all Together

Due to the significant influence these variables have on specific market drivers, forecast models are being affected making it difficult for secondary data to be the only contributing research. In Ducker's most recent follow-up white paper: Fundamentals of Forecasting: Pulling it all together, you'll learn...

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White Paper: "Now-casts" VS. Forecasts - Metrics to Understand Your Business Outlook

In Ducker's white paper: When Just Forecasting is Not Enough, you'll learn...


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