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Legacy Approach to Top Line Growth Execution Not Enough for Today's Recovery

Although the overall U.S. economy has generally expanded since the end of the Great Recession in June 2009, a new report indicates that growth may be stalling and executives navigating this recovering economy should take heed. 

Ducker Worldwide Research and Analysis Techniques: Robust Commercial Diligence Ensures Superior Returns

Private equity investors are highly skilled at analyzing financial due diligence, modeling returns and transaction structuring.  However, the real driver of value with any buyout is post-closing operating performance.  And, there is no better way to be certain about this outcome than to engage in robust commercial due diligence as part of the investment process.  Rigorous commercial due diligence encompassing competitive intelligence; voice-of-customer; supplier risks; trend analyses; demand quantification; and, operational evaluation is crucial to highlighting the true value of a target and ensuring it possesses the fundamentals to drive operating performance that will deliver superior return.  

Ducker Worldwide in the News: Crash diet gets results at GM

When General Motors rolled out the Cadillac ATS compact last fall as the lightest entry in a performance-oriented segment, Mark Reuss noted the irony.

"For the first time, we actually did a car that wasn't bigger and heavier than everyone else," GM's North America president told The New York Times.

Ducker Worldwide in the News: Detroit Sheds Pounds for Gas-Mileage Gains

Auto makers wrestling with ambitious mileage goals have touted hybrids and electrics as the wave of the future, but they have found a quicker path to improved fuel efficiency, reinventing the way traditional gas-powered cars are built.

To Outperform the Recovery, Building and Construction Professionals Should Plan for a Stronger than Normal Demand in Q1 2013

While hopes remain high for continued improvement in the housing sector, research indicates that remodeling expenditures are likely to jump in the late first quarter (and early second quarter) 2013.  A healthy demand for remodeling, coupled with a recovering home construction market will create demand not seen in building products for several years.

Ducker Worldwide in the News: GM Tests Magnesium Sheet Metal to Make Cars Lighter

Engineers and scientists at General Motors Co believe they are making major strides toward lighter vehicles by developing a way to expand the use of magnesium in auto parts.

Ducker Worldwide in the News: Ford looking to aluminum for pickups?

Ford Motor, which has seen hidebound pickup buyers embrace gas-saving technology, appears to be headed a step further: an F-150 that makes extensive use of aluminum panels instead of steel.

Ducker Worldwide in the News: Ford Plans New F-150 with Aluminum Body

In this suburb just west of Detroit, Ford Motor Co. F -0.11%is working on one of the biggest gambles in its 108-year history: a pickup truck with a largely aluminum body.


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