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Customer Focus Market Research

A powerful alignment between a company and its customers comes with the advanced methods and industry expertise Ducker employs to connect customer knowledge with client strategies.  Ducker’s customer focused market research services include:

Advancing Customer Experience
Proven multidimensional methods to gather customer insight used as the foundation in building an unmatched customer engagement while achieving positive business results through:

  • A scientific understanding and prioritization of customer needs and behavior drivers of purchase, loyalty and premium relationships
  • Advanced customer segmentation, clustering and customized value propositions
  • Identification of  new opportunities for improved margins and segment growth based on customer’s diverse needs and leading customers to new behaviors
  • Translating and mapping customer value areas to manufacturing, operation and service execution methods for competitive advantage
  • Development of impactful, compelling marketing activities and messages

Leading Product Innovation
Ducker’s strategic and forward-looking process to identify products that resonate with the current and future marketplace through:

  • Ideation and concept development
  • Portfolio optimization and development
  • Focus on customer needs, values and performance in current and potential markets and regions
  • Competitive intelligence audit to assess competitive gaps/gulfs relative to clients offerings and customer needs
  • Alignment of innovation opportunities to client investment, capital requirements, hurdle rates and overall feasibility to business goals
  • Sequenced support throughout clients innovation stage-gate process with right sized engagements through concept, pilot and commercialization  

Brand Value Expansion and Tracking
A comprehensive approach focused on providing clients clarification of brand attributes and methods to leverage for differentiation through:

  • Assessment and interpretation of brand and value propositions and overall brand promise
  • Application of insights regarding image and perception for campaign and market message development and brand position
  • Emphasis on benefits to drive sales and business performance
  • Brand positioning, identity and management targets
  • Ongoing measurement presenting defensible actions

Channel and Distribution Market Research 

A highly-competitive supply chain with optimized pricing is realized through application of Ducker’s proprietary tools and analysis focused on the tightening and alignment of product and service distribution.  Ducker’s channel and distribution market research services include: 

Superior Supply Chain
Comprehensive evaluation of supply chain performance to develop impactful strategies and precise activities that will elevate value and resources through:

  • Identification of performance gaps, opportunity for additional value, and prioritization based on customer needs and profitability
  • Examination of route to market and dynamics, alternative distribution options and strategy adjustment options

Optimal Price Management
Analysis of pricing programs and execution to ensure complete effectiveness and recognize opportunities to achieve optimal sales potential and profit margin through:

  • Understand and identify pricing sensitivity and volume curves
  • Identify optimum product pricing and competitive advantage generating alignment with corporate goals and objectives
  • Create effective pricing terms and incentive programs increasing probability for increase in profit margin and sales potential

Market Demand and Opportunity Assessment  

Optimal methods to realize opportunities in the marketplace are established with the Ducker approach in assessing and forecasting market demand through detailed quantification and assessment of the market landscape.  Ducker’s market demand and landscape assessment research services include: 

Market Demand Pursuit
Detailed evaluation of the current marketplace to develop specific growth strategies and operational impact through:  

  • SWOT analysis of market (size, potential for growth, drivers, etc.)
  • Market/segment attractiveness, feasibility to serve
  • Forecasting, market drivers and key performance indicators
  • Identify optimal market matrix and segment portfolio alignment for success
  • Profile and customer pursuit/conversion strategies among target segments  

Competitor Analysis for Advantage
Ducker offers proven techniques to provide a thorough assessment of the competitive landscape and define unique, defensible areas of sustainable competitive advantage through:

  • Measure and understand competitors positioning, strengths and weaknesses
  • Audit and analyses of competitive differentiation, distinctive assets and unique competencies relative to client
  • Proactive strategy design and planned actions for competitive market position and methods for competitive response
  • Integration of customer voice, client competencies into unique selling propositions and competitive positions
  • Actionable frameworks for growth through share gain