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What we do

Leveraging our industry expertise and comprehensive research capabilities, Ducker’s strategy consulting practice applies sophisticated business analytics to support your decision-making and planning process. Through active collaboration, we help build sound strategies which lead to growth and business success in new and existing markets. As each engagement is custom, Ducker ensures your specific needs are fulfilled, and your team is armed with the facts, strategic frameworks and plans necessary to succeed and create value in complex markets. A natural extension of our consulting and research practice is transaction advisory services.  Ducker’s expert advisors assist you with searching and researching acquisition targets as well as provide transaction support.

From our Market Research Practice to our Strategy Consulting and Transaction Advisory Practice, Ducker’s services are:

  • Fact-based - not, experienced-based
  • Collaborative - not, prescriptive
  • Efficient - not, cumbersome
  • Transparent - not,  obscure
  • Driving your success - not,  our success

Our specific services include:

Strategy Consulting

Through advanced business analytics and planning methods, Ducker Worldwide ‘s strategy consulting practice helps clients develop and refine business strategies to advance performance and increase share holder value.

Market Research

Ducker Worldwide is renowned for its ability to research complex industries and gather unique market, customer and competitive insights where others cannot.

Transaction Advisory

Ducker Worldwide’s expert transaction advisory team assists clients with searching and researching acquisition targets and by adding transaction support.