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Ducker Worldwide

Delivering Decades of Data-Driven Decisions.

Since 1961, Ducker Worldwide has been helping companies around the world sift through mountains of data to arrive at the right decision at the right time. We’ve done it by digging in, developing an in-depth understanding of the business, the industry and the forces that shape its future. 

Our breadth of knowledge has enabled us to provide unique ideas and advice that have led to smart investments -and unparalleled growth- for customers across the globe.

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Market Research

Ducker gathers unique market, customer and competitive insights when others cannot. Leveraging industry expertise and research capabilities, Ducker develops sound strategies to win in existing and new markets.

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Transaction Advisory

 Ducker’s transaction advisors assist clients with searching and researching acquisition targets, and provide best-in-class diligence to de-risk M&A transactions. It's a natural extension of our consulting and research services.

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Strategy Consulting

With a dynamic fact-base and advanced business analytics, Ducker works with management to develop actionable strategies and detailed go-to-market plans that represent best-fit solutions.

Ducker Provides Unique Skills and Tools


  • Comprehensive research and intelligence capabilities
  • Robust analytics and applied sciences


  • Industry-leading teams and talents
  • Global footprint and diversified segment coverage


  • Exclusive industry knowledge and access
  • Proven products and planning methods

Offering a Variety of Value-Add Services

  • Product Innovation. Identifying, refining and commercializing new products
  • Customer Insights. Defining customer needs, opportunities and methods to advance experience
  • Market Expansion. Profiling and quantifying the value and plan for optimizing current segments and geographies - or entering new ones
  • Competitive Intelligence. Analyzing competitive competencies, strategies, success and vulnerabilities
  • Tracking Programs. Frequent tracking of key metrics and client dashboard management data among customer, market or product segments
  • Online Communities. Connecting clients in real time with a community of customers and stakeholders to drive opportunity
  • Strategic Planning. Developing actionable, accurate commercial plans that client teams can easily implement to achieve higher returns
  • Acquisition and Transaction Success. Helping efficiently close transactions through strong diligence, as well as leveraging our networks and expertise for investment ideas

Helping You Achieve Ideal Outcomes

Ducker Increase Sales and Profits
Increase Sales and Profits
Ducker Outperform the Competition
Outperform the Competition
Ducker Build Market Advantage
Build Market Advantage
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