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Customer Segmentation in B2B: A Great Marketing Tool for Customer Centricity

In B2B, and even more in industrial sectors, marketing segmentations are often poorly understood – and underutilized. The “PUSH” culture still thrives, usually driven by a product or service, rather than by the customer.


Understanding Your Customer’s Journey: The Cornerstone of Customer Centricity

Listening to the customer’s voice is crucial, especially in increasingly competitive markets. The ability to differentiate service and product offerings is a key success factor in any business, and being fully customer-focused is a must.


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Synchronized Growth - Favorable Alignment of Nearly All North American Construction Sectors Since the 1990’s Leads to Continued Growth Through 2020

Only a few times in history has the North American construction industry witnessed a balanced, sustained level of demand.  After years of trying to predict the peak of the current upturn, many in the industry are now comfortably agreeing that a blended, longer tail of potential is a more likely scenario. Thus, more demand is yet to be captured across the many segments of construction. Corporate executives, investment banks and equity investors should see significant opportunities to optimize their portfolio and manage increasing sell and buy-side activity. 

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Ducker Worldwide’s Abey Abraham to Speak at Lightweight Asia 2018

Ducker Worldwide’s (Ducker) Abey Abraham, will be presenting The Road Ahead for Automotive Materials, at Aluminium China’s, Lightweight Asia Summit 2018. 

Before the Autonomous Car: The Growing Use of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the Automotive Sector, and Related Challenges

As most devices today provide connectivity features, the anticipated next rung in this evolution – and a big step toward an expected fourth industry revolution – is Connected Experience and device-to-device communication. A good example of this is found in vehicle-to-vehicle technology.

Digitalization in the Construction Machine Sector

Though it has lagged far behind other industries – such as the automotive and aerospace sectors – the construction industry is rapidly waking up to the potential of digitalization. While traditional mindsets still dominate, the giant leaps in productivity being achieved through the integration of new technologies are becoming harder to deny.

Press Release
Ducker Worldwide’s Christopher Fisher to Keynote at 2018 National Congress & Expo for Manufactured and Modular Housing

Christopher Fisher, Managing Principal at Ducker Worldwide will be a keynote speaker at this year’s National Congress & Expo for Manufactured and Modular Housing. He’ll speak on April 25 from 9:45-10:30 a.m., and will address the gap in affordable and entry-level housing. 

Should we make funeral plans for the ICE? Not so fast!

Sales of diesel-powered cars and SUVs in Europe sagged by nearly 8% in 2017 to a market share of 43.7%, the lowest in eight years – and the slide gained pace in December as the threat of punitive taxation, city driving bans and damaged second-hand values undermined buyer confidence.


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