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According to Ducker Worldwide Building Owners Command the Largest Portion of the Purchase Decision Process


As the sustainable roofing market has continued to expand there has been little to no research targeted at understanding the end user perspectives and what drives their purchase decision process; until now.

Ducker Worldwide recently conducted nearly 150 in-depth interviews with commercial building owners and developers to provide the industry with a fact-based review of the commercial building owner and developer role in the growth of sustainable roofing systems. Findings included:

  • 66% of building owners interviewed have replaced at least a portion of their building's roofing in the past five years
  • 100% of owners interviewed believe that they will have to replace a portion of their roof in the coming five years
  • Findings show that within more than 55% of the group, the president or owner of the company is the person with primary influence

Other key findings provided in this report include the following elements surrounding green roofing, including both vegetative and solar roofing:

  • Decision process and structure
  • End user requirements and perceptions
  • Current situation
  • Future impact and recommendations

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