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Automotive World - China Could Cement Status as EV Leader in 2018


Automotive World - Guide to the Automotive World in 2018

China Could Cement Status as EV Leader in 2018

Article by: Markus Pfefferer, Managing Director – Asia Pacific 

The 2017 Shanghai auto show might have produced some surprises for anyone still under the impression that the centre of the automotive industry lies in Detroit or Germany. China sold 28 million vehicles in 2016, 13.7% more than in 2015. The fastest growth rate in three years consolidated its status as the world’s largest vehicle market, and China’s auto show, held alternatively in Shanghai and Beijing, has become the most important event for the industry. What, then, does 2018 have in store?

The hype around electric vehicles (EV), created largely by players such as Tesla, continues. It is worth noting that almost one in two of the world’s electric vehicle sales takes place in China. It is safe to assume that the drive for electrification will intensify in 2018. This also fits into the overall economic objective of obtaining a higher global market share year-on-year by ensuring that the manufacturing sector is closely aligned with global trends. The electrification of the global automobile industry is a stated objective of most governments.

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