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Dick Schultz of Ducker to speak at the AMRC 2010 Fall Conference


Prior to joining Ducker Worldwide, Dick was the President of Alcoa Automotive Structures and the Director of Worldwide Automotive Products for Alcoa in Farmington Hills, Michigan. He has over twenty years of experience in applying the latest aluminum, magnesium and steel technology to automotive applications around the world.

After joining Ducker, Dick has managed several market research projects for the Aluminum Association, the AISI Automotive Applications Committee and numerous aluminum and steel component suppliers worldwide.

Dick has a B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati and an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh. In 1990, he completed extensive course work in Managing Complex Organizations at the M.I.T. Sloan School.

Under Dick’s guidance as both a client and a Managing Director at Ducker:

Ducker Worldwide has collected data on the growth and development of aluminum and magnesium content in automotive light vehicle applications on an annual basis since 1991. Data collection and analysis on steel for automotive began in 1998 Ducker started its systematic efforts in North America, expanded into Europe and Japan including steel in 2000 and began collecting data for the remainder of the world in 2007. Data are collected on a “bottom-up” basis, meaning the market has been tracked on an OEM, platform-by-platform and product-by-product basis.

With metallurgists, engineers, and component specialists on staff, Ducker has become a leading subject-matter-expert for the global automotive industry on aluminum content, magnesium content and the use of the “new “ steels across all vehicle light vehicle systems 

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