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Ducker Worldwide to Participate at Upcoming Automotive Megatrends Conference


March 17-18, 2015 
The Henry- Dearborn, MI

Automotive Megatrends USA is a unique event that brings together the key players of the car industry of today with the innovators and game-changers of the lightweight, efficient, connected automotive world of tomorrow. Key speakers will cover topics such as powertrain innovation, vehicle lightweighting and connected cars. This is a two day event where experts on automotive transportation explore technologies and trends that will have the greatest impact on the future of connected cars in North America over the next decade and beyond. With more than 50 exhibitions and demonstrations, attendees are given the opportunity to experience the most cutting edge technology, interact with the hardware, and ask questions of the thought leaders and decision makers in the industry.

In Powertrain Innovation: Session 1, on March 17th at 9 am, Ducker Worldwide Managing Director Chris Ahn will be addressing key breakthroughs in light vehicle powertrain technology that will lead to greater fuel economy and emissions reduction. 

Vehicle Lightweighting: Session 4, on March 17th at 3:30 pm, Board Chairman and Managing Director of Ducker Worldwide, Scott Ulnick, as well as Project Director Abey Abraham, will walk through the importance of automotive lightweighting amongst the increasing stringency of CAFE standards.  Discussion will focus on the most efficient way to reduce vehicle weight in mainstream light vehicles.

For more information on the event, visit the Automotive Megatrends’ website at

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