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Ducker Worldwide Reveals Windpower Growth Areas in Recent Windpower Engineering Article


Wind Executives Spot Growth Areas in Windpower Markets
By: WindowPower Engineering

The long-term global outlook for wind power investment is a growth story driven by government mandates for increased clean energy, says Jamieson Bender, associate partner with Ducker Worldwide. The International Energy Agency (IEA) projects the demand for global electricity to double by 2030, growing 2.6% each year. Bender’s firm recently completed a study of global wind-production issues. A summary of the report appears here with more information at

Future estimates from industry associations and national agencies all vary somewhat. However, the consensus is that about 250 GW of turbine capacity will be added to the market by 2015, and potentially almost 600 GW added through 2020. China, Europe, and the U.S. are expected to drive the most long-term volume.

Despite a robust long-term outlook for wind power, equity investments have caused the overall market to lag. Over recent months, lower fossil fuel prices, tighter credit markets, project delays, and increased global turbine capacity have all significantly damped the performance of companies pursuing wind-market opportunities over recent months. 

In the face of this challenging environment, says Bender, corporations and private investors can look to a range of viable opportunities for greater returns on invested capital. Ducker Worldwide, a growth consulting firm in Troy Michigan, recently conducted a survey of wind energy executives that revealed a range of high-growth technologies and markets.

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