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Ducker Worldwide/SAE International Webinar Explores the Use of Lightweight Materials in Vehicles.


In a recent SAE International Technical Webinar, Ducker’s Scott Ulnick (Chairman & Managing Principal) and Abey Abraham (Director, Automotive & Materials) presented insights reguarding the use of lightweight materials in vehicles.

With over 450 participants, the webinar addressed how automakers and suppliers go about selecting advanced materials for their programs, which materials hold the most promise, as well as the challenges and opportunities posed by multimaterial vehicles.

Here’s what participants said about the webinar:

  • Great overview of lightweighting trends, challenges, and opportunities
  • A valuable learning experience
  • Some interesting information on market trends and new technologies
  • Crisp, thought-provoking insight to the technology advancements and challenges
  • The webinar was very informative and the speakers did a great job; they were very knowledgeable on the topic
  • The content presented was very informative, and the presenters were most definitely subject matter experts in their field
  • New materials and processes to review and consider for future designs
  • Interesting to understand full vehicle challenges (specific component examples) to meet upcoming fuel economy targets
  • The webinar was extremely useful for getting an OEM and supplier perspective
  • It was interesting to hear what others in the community see as the trajectory of materials in vehicles and to learn what technologies are already in development

The recorded webinar is now available on-demand until May 4, 2017.



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