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Technology Based Concept Testing


Project Engagement: Test and validate service concepts and the associated relevant proposals for the naming of the new service offers and service ranges.

Description: In the trucking industry tire services are either rendered by the fleet’s internal workshop or by a specialized outside service provider. The efficiency of these services has a strong impact on the fleet operator’s economics. For example, a better knowledge and management of the tire-pressure automatically improves the fleet’s fuel efficiency, the product reliability, reduces vehicle downtime and related liabilities, among other benefits. It also contributes to a better planning process and the anticipation of tire and service budgets. Servicing tires requires a tire by tire approach, there is no alternative. Collecting the relevant tire data such as pressure, remaining tread depth, damages etc. is very time-consuming and prone to errors when data collection and transmission is done manually, on paper. Now, through the introduction of digital communication technologies ,the whole process of data collection and transmission can be strongly improved: speed and reliability are increased, automated dashboard-type tools are made available to the benefit of a better tire management process.

Situation: Our client has developed a new technology-based tire service for fleets that take care of tire management internally (not using a service provider). As the whole concept is new and depending on the acceptance of technologies and the fleet operators’ willingness to change current behaviors our client needs to conduct a test for the suite of services and the future names for these services as these names need to convey an intuitive, strong description of what the service is about.


  • In two European countries (Germany, France):
    • Test 3 new service offer concepts: measure concept understanding and attractiveness
    • Test 6 visual communication supports: identify acceptance and rejection of visuals, naming and promotional slogans
    • Identify the most relevant visual propositions and areas of improvement
    • Test the new service offer names and service range names: identify the proposition that appeals most to road haulage companies

Approach:  Ducker relied on its access to fleet operators and on its profound knowledge of their businesses and managed two Focus Groups (one in Germany, one in France) to conduct the concept test for the visuals and naming propositions developed by the client.

Outcomes/Results: The concept testing conducted in February 2015 resulted in conclusions and recommendations for the offers that our client should promote. We identified the underlying drivers and recommended potential improvements to the presentation and naming of the concepts. Our client launched the new services in October 2015.

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