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White Paper: Fundamentals of Forecasting – Pulling it all Together

Due to the significant influence these variables have on specific market drivers, forecast models are being affected making it difficult for secondary data to be the only contributing research. In Ducker's most recent follow-up white paper: Fundamentals of Forecasting: Pulling it all together, you'll learn...

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White Paper: "Now-casts" VS. Forecasts - Metrics to Understand Your Business Outlook

In Ducker's white paper: When Just Forecasting is Not Enough, you'll learn...

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White paper: Opportunities to Gain With Ethanol-Blended Fuel in the Outdoor Power Equipment Industry

How manufacturers can increase revenue, while better serving dealers and end-users: the topic has been open for discussion for several years and industry leaders have continued to debate the use of ethanol-blended fuel in outdoor power equipment. Many end-users have been experiencing issues with their equipment including: corrosion of metal parts, clogging of fuel systems and even permanent damage to engines. While end-users struggle with the performance of their new equipment, there are both positive and negative implications on manufacturers. 

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White Paper: Aging Debate of Latin American Business Expansion - Brazil or Mexico...What About Neither?

As the world draws its attention to Brazil this month for the World Cup, the primary countries of focus for businesses looking for market development and expansion in Latin America, have been Brazil and Mexico. 

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Building and Construction: The Performance of U.S. Single-family Construction Faces Challenges Within the Industry

 Historically, single-family housing has been the backbone of the United States housing market and a key metric of the nation’s GDP.  But since the market crashed, single-family housing has struggled to maintain steady growth. The sector currently faces a number of challenges, including cumbersome new mortgage reform, a job market that is heavily part time in nature, builder land positions that aren’t well aligned and a shift in home buyer demographics. Industry players need to consider the headwinds facing new home construction and be prepared for a new dynamic in housing – resulting in a slower/uneven growth rate.

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White Paper: India - A compelling alternate in advanced manufacturing

After years in the shadow of its behemoth manufacturing neighbor China, India is poised for growth in the high-end manufacturing sector, especially in precision areas such as machine tool manufacturing. This new focus on manufacturing and service, and its movement away from the country’s traditional agro-economy, can be attributed to a collectively increasing sophistication of the country’s workforce and infrastructure and the potential need for global companies to diversify away from Chinese manufacturing base.

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White Paper: Key Drivers for Success in China - Understanding the Mid-Tier Market

Over recent years, China has seen an enormous amount of foreign investment. Historically, a significant share of the investments has targeted establishing production facilities that benefited from the low labor costs and were primarily used for export purposes. However, with increasing labor costs as well as a stronger Chinese currency (as compared to USD), manufacturing in China is not as competitive as it once was. At the same time, ongoing urbanization and rapidly growing middle-class are likely to drive domestic consumption thus making the Chinese sales market the new target for many Western companies.

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White Paper: Innovative Automotive Interiors Driving a New Phase of Customer Loyalty

There’s no escaping consumer thirst for technological innovation, and few industries are embracing that demand like the global automotive interiors or electronics industries.  Borrowing from the consumer electronics industry, and in some cases creating entirely new categories of telematics and infotainment, vehicle manufacturers have created interiors that better connect, protect and safely inform today’s drivers and passengers.  The challenge for interior executives in the increasingly competitive global automotive market is to understand the pace at which different regions will adopt interior and electronic features and the value differential placed on the offerings by distinct global markets.


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