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Navigating the European Heavy Equipment Industry During Covid-19

Despite weak global economic growth in 2019, the heavy equipment sector has maintained a high growth supported by a strong construction sector and technological development. The industry saw major rise in innovation driven by main trends including electrification, digitization, and increasing costumer-centricity. In Western Europe, governments have pressured manufacturers and end-users to embrace sustainability and reduce emissions, thus enhancing electrification. On the other side, the continuous labor shortage resulted in manufacturers promoting machine automation, connectivity, and digitization.

European Building Construction Industry to Experience Opportunities Post Covid-19

Industry data forecasts are key tools for businesses to plan, strategize and define the appropriate actions in anticipation of market growth or downturn. However, even when defined carefully, based on solid historical data, forecasts provide educated estimations or scenarios which provide managers additional knowledge to determine potential outcomes. Predictions should always be considered with care, coupled with qualitative feedback and trends from the market

Covid-19 Impact on North American Government Transportation Industry Spend Analyzed

State and local budgets are not immune to the impacts of Covid-19, and Ducker has been closely monitoring each end market to determine what the affect has been, albeit differently, based on importance to public health, degree of tax revenue lost, and impact from stay-at-home/social distancing orders. Specific to the government transportation industry, deferred capital spending (e.g., transportation equipment) and project investments, coupled with shifts in equipment use and extended lifecycles, may result in higher aftermarket parts spend and equipment demand.

General Motors Pushes Forward with Strategic Brand Partnerships for Electric Vehicles

The current automotive production environment has provided OEMs across the globe a compelling reason to reassess their strategic goals and plans. General Motors (GM), which had announced head-count reduction initiatives in advance of the Covid-19 pandemic, is in the news again outlining plans addressing sustainability and profitability. From a market perspective, GM has decided to focus on profitable regions.

COVID or IoT – What Comes First?

COVID and IoT (Internet of Things) are arguably the two most recognizable buzz words in recent months, and recent studies conducted by DuckerFrontier indicate the role of IoT within the Covid-19 crisis across among the manufacturing industry throughout Europe and North America. The Covid-19 crisis has exposed how vulnerable manufacturing operations can be despite having state of the art crisis management tools in place. As a result, digitalization/IoT has taken the driver seat, and other planned initiatives placed on hold.

North American Heavy Equipment Market Index Offers Industry Predictions

For over 60 years, Ducker has been forecasting the heavy equipment market, gaining unparalleled depth of knowledge in the industry. Research in non-building construction, residential and non-residential construction, the mining market, and general economic conditions, a solid understanding of the past and present has enabled the company to further understand sales and market trends in order to best forecast and support clients with strategic business decisions.

New Housing Market is Painting a Bright Future for Building Products Suppliers Despite Q2 Results

 Financial reporting for the second quarter reveals the severe but also varied impact of Covid-19 on industry revenues, as building product suppliers recorded year-on-year revenue declines across residential and non-residential sectors, averaging between 10 and 15 percent.

North America Hospitality and Travel Markets Amid the Covid-19 Crisis

At the onset of Covid-19, the outlook for both the hospitality and travel end markets were initially negative; however, recent data and consumer/business behavior suggest increased potential for facility retrofits and Tier 2 city construction activity. 


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