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Webinar: Challenges and opportunities for the Connected Car in Emerging Markets

In this free 60-minute webinar, Ducker Worldwide Managing Director – Asia Pacific, Markus Pfefferer explores how the market for connected cars will evolve in Asia and the barriers and opportunities that will be presented for OEM’s and suppliers.

Ducker Worldwide/SAE International Webinar Explores the Use of Lightweight Materials in Vehicles.

In a recent SAE International Technical Webinar, Ducker’s Scott Ulnick (Chairman & Managing Principal) and Abey Abraham (Director, Automotive & Materials) presented insights regarding the use of lightweight materials in vehicles.

Carbon fiber, composites are the future of lightweighting

Ducker Worldwide automotive and materials director Abey Abraham, also a participant in the webinar, described a need to shed an average of 470 pounds a vehicle to meet 2025 U.S. CAFE standards.

Brooklyn Houses Clad in Metal - Ducker Weighs In

The day a tire popped off a car, flew off the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway and hit his house with a loud bang, Vardon Owen Marshall was in disbelief. But he was not too worried about the dent on the facade of his house on Park Avenue in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, right across from the busy elevated roadway.

The indentation was quite noticeable, about four feet above the sidewalk. But instead of stressing out about finding money and a reliable contractor for the repair, Mr. Marshall, a cabinet maker, was able to fix his home in a snap because the exterior was made with corrugated metal.

Ducker Focus Groups Capability

At Ducker Worldwide we partner with clients in efforts to provide valuable insight directly from the marketplace. Our exclusive focus group discussions have aided in our client’s success of new product launching, establishing new market opportunities, as well as overall feedback on company performance and services. With over 50 years of experience, our dedicated team will develop a customized strategy to meet your organization’s needs.

Voluntary lightweighting is the key to achieving India’s efficiency targets.

While corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) regulations in the US continue to apply pressure on OEMs to develop more fuel-efficient vehicles, the Indian market does not have to cope with such stringent regulations. However, this has not stopped Indian companies from pushing for lighter vehicles for other reasons.Speaking at Automotive Megatrends India 2015, a number of industry specialists advised that the development of lightweight vehicles would progress in India regardless of regulatory pressures. Vehicle lightweighting in India is expected to increase regardless of efficiency and emissions regulations.

Ducker Worldwide - Wants To Hear From You

Ducker Worldwide is sending its Heavy Equipment Industry team to the International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition in Louisville, KY from September 29th to October 1st.  Having over 30 years of heavy equipment expertise, Ducker Worldwide is taking this opportunity to talk to equipment manufacturers, dealer representatives, suppliers and industry experts about global trends within the equipment industry. 

Pro-Business Sales – likely a key advantage for Home Depot over Lowe's

This past Tuesday Home Depot revealed it experienced a record number of transactions in the last three months. On average, shoppers spent more than at any point since 2006 and sales at stores open for a year or more jumped 5.8% from the previous year. Home Depot’s rival Lowe’s struggled to capitalize on the long expansion in housing prices.


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