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Bob Carlstedt, Managing Director of Ducker Worldwide’s Chinese Operations Spoke at the International Rental Conference Asia 2014 Event

Bob Carlstedt, Managing Director of consultant Ducker Worldwide’s Chinese operation, said a study into Chinese rental companies and equipment dealers revealed greater co-ordination between the two groups was required. Speaking at the International Rental Conference Asia in Shanghai, China, on 24 November, Mr Carlstedt said that among the core issues which the study raised were concerns over addressing debt chains that build up from customers renting equipment.

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White Paper: Fundamentals of Forecasting – Pulling it all Together

Due to the significant influence these variables have on specific market drivers, forecast models are being affected making it difficult for secondary data to be the only contributing research. In Ducker's most recent follow-up white paper: Fundamentals of Forecasting: Pulling it all together, you'll learn...

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White Paper: "Now-casts" VS. Forecasts - Metrics to Understand Your Business Outlook

In Ducker's white paper: When Just Forecasting is Not Enough, you'll learn...

Dick Schultz, 2014 Aluminum Association Chairman’s Award Winner

The Aluminum Association announced today the winners of two prestigious industry awards presented during its recent annual meeting in Washington, D.C. Mike Zoll, Director of Safety at Novelis, received the Marlan Boultinghouse Award for industry leadership while Dick Schultz, Managing Director at Ducker Worldwide, received the newly created Chairman’s Award, recognizing a non-industry employee who nonetheless made a positive impact educating the public about the importance of aluminum.

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White paper: Opportunities to Gain With Ethanol-Blended Fuel in the Outdoor Power Equipment Industry

How manufacturers can increase revenue, while better serving dealers and end-users: the topic has been open for discussion for several years and industry leaders have continued to debate the use of ethanol-blended fuel in outdoor power equipment. Many end-users have been experiencing issues with their equipment including: corrosion of metal parts, clogging of fuel systems and even permanent damage to engines. While end-users struggle with the performance of their new equipment, there are both positive and negative implications on manufacturers. 

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Ducker Worldwide Partners with International Powered Access Federation to Conduct Market Report

For over five years the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) has partnered with Ducker Worldwide to conduct a detailed analysis of the rental equipment market.  This rather stable yet growing industry presents several opportunities as well as barriers for key industry players.  Ducker examines these market dynamics within both Europe and the U.S., providing key facts and figures in which decisions can be based on.

Automotive Megatrends Magazine Q2 2014: Autonomous Cars, Driven By Safety

In the recent Automotive World Megatrends Magazine Q2 2014 – The Connected Car issue discusses the implications of increasingly autonomous, increasingly connected cars? This issue explores a wide range of connected car topics, from highly automated driving to cloud technology, via Ethernet, Big Data and voice recognition – all of which help to shape the connected future.

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White Paper: Aging Debate of Latin American Business Expansion - Brazil or Mexico...What About Neither?

As the world draws its attention to Brazil this month for the World Cup, the primary countries of focus for businesses looking for market development and expansion in Latin America, have been Brazil and Mexico. 


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