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Should All B2B Companies Invest in VoC Programs?

Listening to the customer’s voice is crucial, especially in increasingly competitive markets. The ability to differentiate service and product offerings is a key success factor in any business, and being fully customer focused is a must.

Press Release
Frontier Strategy Group Acquires Ducker Worldwide

Frontier Strategy Group (FSG), the leading information and advisory services partner to multinational company (MNC) executives operating in emerging markets, is acquiring Ducker Worldwide, a 56-year-old global business-to-business (B2B) research and consulting firm. 

Three Nations Seek to Modernize Agreement

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) renegotiation process is quickly approaching the six-month mark, and yet specific critical components are still uncertain. President Trump – who described the agreement as “... the worst trade deal in the history of the country ...” during his campaign – has moderated to a position potentially closer to modernization.

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Ducker, pionnier sur les communautés B to B en ligne

Et si, en tant qu'entreprise industrielle, vous pouviez avoir accès en permanence à des informations qualitatives critiques directement collectées auprès de vos clients et prospects ? Si vous pouviez recueillir leurs opinions, leurs besoins et leurs attentes en temps réel?

White Paper
One Belt, One Road Initiative: China’s Modern-Day Silk Road

On October 24, 2017 the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China ratified changes to the Constitution of the Communist Party of China. The Congress approved the incorporation of Xi Jinping’s Thoughts on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era in the history of China. With this, the One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative is now officially a part of the Chinese Constitution. 

New Wood Materials Demonstrate Potential in Construction Market

From the earliest days of shelter until the advent of concrete, brick and steel, wood was a primary construction material. Now, new developments in “engineered wood” are enabling developers to build higher and bigger structures, leading to a year-on-year increase in the use of wood for both residential and non-residential construction. 

Automotive World - China Could Cement Status as EV Leader in 2018

The world’s largest automotive market will continue to electrify over 2018, and foreign OEMs may have a harder challenge competing than previously expected, writes Markus Pfefferer, Managing Director – Asia Pacific at Ducker Worldwide.

Chinese Mainland Car OEM Landscape

The most substantial, automotive market in the world is waiting to be satisfied by more than 75 OEM groups and 184 vehicle assemblers in mainland China.


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