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Ducker Worldwide in the News: In Search of Weight Savings, Automakers Take Another Look at Aluminum

Now that federal regulators are considering proposals to raise fuel economy standards as high as 62 mpg, automakers are taking a fresh look at new uses for aluminum.

Ducker Worldwide In the News: Risks, Rewards Differ Among ACO Models

Under Medicare's shared savings program, which begins in January, accountable-care organizations can choose between two financial risk models.

Ducker Worldwide in the News: Thomson seeks expansion fuel; Ann Arbor health information unit up for sale

A 19.3 percent profit margin apparently wasn't enough for Thomson Reuters to keep its Ann Arbor-based health care information business.

Ducker Worldwide Presents at Great Designs in Steel 2011 - Full Presentation Available

In an effort to assist automakers in meeting new, more stringent fuel economy standards and safety regulations, the North American steel industry is accelerating its work to provide affordable advanced high-strength steel (AHSS) solutions for vehicle mass reduction and performance improvements.

Richard Schultz of Ducker Worldwide to speak at CRU’s World Aluminum Conference

CRU Events’ 16th World Aluminum conference will give you a comprehensive update and insight into the latest movements of the worldwide aluminum industry brought to you by the leaders in the field. This event gives you the opportunity to network with senior level decision makers in the aluminum industry from around the world.

Press Release
Ducker Worldwide is pleased to announce its acceptance to Michigan's Medical Main Street Ambassador Program

Ducker Worldwide, a consulting and research firm based in Troy, Mich., has joined Oakland County’s Medical Main Street (MMS) initiative as an Ambassador.  

In recent Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry blog, Ducker Worldwide discusses how Obama's Healthcare Act is a win for the medical device industry

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the broadest change to the U.S. healthcare system since the creation of Medicare and Medicaid. Although the act is phased in over eight years, the dramatic increase in access—more than 32 million new lives and 15 million better-insured beneficiaries—will overwhelm the system, causing a prolonged funding crisis starting in 2015.

I see a window of opportunity for the medical supply, device, and diagnostics industry to benefit from the ACA by implementing targeted strategic programs before the massive influx of new beneficiaries.

Ducker Worldwide launches new program to address increased challenges for future business planning triggered by disruption of short term business cycle

Clearly, the traditional model of using historical volumes to predict future sales to generate five year business plans is broken. The economic conditions of the past three years have created historical volumes that are no longer predictive of future activity. Manufacturing and service companies alike are turning to more disciplined, creative methods of projecting  in order to create long term business plans that are meaningful.


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