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North America Hospitality and Travel Markets Amid the Covid-19 Crisis

At the onset of Covid-19, the outlook for both the hospitality and travel end markets were initially negative; however, recent data and consumer/business behavior suggest increased potential for facility retrofits and Tier 2 city construction activity. 

Online Communities Offer Businesses Increased Customer Connectivity

Companies are often expressing the desire to become more connected with their customers in order to support future business strategies and planning. In today’s world, due to the impact of COVID-19, this is increasingly important as individuals change how they work, complete purchases, and perform everyday tasks.

Strong Building and Construction DIY Sales Point to Positive Growth for the Industry

In April of this year, Ducker consultants and team of  building and construction experts released with DuckerFrontier ,”Covid-19’s Impact on Residential and Nonresidential Construction and Leading Segments for Growth Post Pandemic” a forecast and outlook report that identified the potential for increase in home remodeling and DIY efforts for nesting in place and upgrading spaces.  The recent earnings release by Lowes and Home Depot affirms Ducker’s prediction and provides further insights to the changing dynamics of the US construction industry.

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Survey Reveals Aluminum Remains Fastest Growing Automotive Material, Emerging as a Preferred Metal for Electric Vehicles

Multi-material vehicle construction, onslaught of electrified powertrains and battery electric vehicle platforms drive aluminum’s increased market penetration. To view a summary of DuckerFrontier North American Light Vehicle Aluminum Content and Outlook (August 2020), click here.

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Reuters Events Automotive Supply Chain Webinar - Navigating Supply and Demand Disruption

Seismic shifts were already underway before Covid-19 slammed down the accelerator on challenges to the automotive business.With commodity prices volatile, customer expectations shifting, supply chains uncertain, and people already buying fewer cars, Reuters Events bring together experts from Joydrive, TireHub and DuckerFrontier to discuss how to mitigate supply chain disruption.

Customer Segmentation in B2B: A Great Marketing Tool for Customer Centricity

In B2B, and even more in industrial sectors, marketing segmentations are often poorly understood – and underutilized. The “PUSH” culture still thrives, usually driven by a product or service, rather than by the customer.


Understanding Your Customer’s Journey: The Cornerstone of Customer Centricity

Listening to the customer’s voice is crucial, especially in increasingly competitive markets. The ability to differentiate service and product offerings is a key success factor in any business, and being fully customer-focused is a must.


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Synchronized Growth - Favorable Alignment of Nearly All North American Construction Sectors Since the 1990’s Leads to Continued Growth Through 2020

Only a few times in history has the North American construction industry witnessed a balanced, sustained level of demand.  After years of trying to predict the peak of the current upturn, many in the industry are now comfortably agreeing that a blended, longer tail of potential is a more likely scenario. Thus, more demand is yet to be captured across the many segments of construction. Corporate executives, investment banks and equity investors should see significant opportunities to optimize their portfolio and manage increasing sell and buy-side activity. 


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