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Press Release
Ducker's, Nick Limb to Speak at AAMA 2016 Summer Conference, June 12-15

Nick Limb, Board Member and Managing Principal, Ducker Worldwide will be presenting an overview of the latest American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) Market Study Tue, Jun 14, 2016 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT. This study includes market size, trends, and forecast. 

Ducker Worldwide/SAE International Webinar Explores the Use of Lightweight Materials in Vehicles.

In a recent SAE International Technical Webinar, Ducker’s Scott Ulnick (Chairman & Managing Principal) and Abey Abraham (Director, Automotive & Materials) presented insights regarding the use of lightweight materials in vehicles.

Case Study
Strategy Consulting for Building Products

A major building products company must achieve significant growth in the next three to five years.  The markets it currently serves are considered mature and competitive pressures are intense.  Product extensions and new innovations are essential to increasing share of market, revenues and profitability. The client required a thorough strategic plan to develop market-driven products and innovation and target segments with the greatest opportunity for success.

Case Study
Heavy Equipment Market Research

A leading heavy equipment manufacturer believes that it offers a line of products with quality that is far superior to that of its competition.  However, it was struggling to quantify the value associated with this quality differential from a customer’s perspective.  This client was interested in understanding how quality impacts overall product perception for a wide range of product types.

Carbon fiber, composites are the future of lightweighting

Ducker Worldwide automotive and materials director Abey Abraham, also a participant in the webinar, described a need to shed an average of 470 pounds a vehicle to meet 2025 U.S. CAFE standards.

Press Release
M.Scott Ulnick, Chairman & Managing Principal, Ducker Worldwide will be presenting on Automotive Lightweighting - 44th FARO Club Meeting

Mr. Ulnick routinely consults leading industry and investment concerns on strategic improvement, growth initiatives and buy side transactions. In this advisory role, he participates in up to 100 projects a year, ranging from OEM to supplier to material issues, and covering functional topics from investment & acquisition, commercial diligence, product development, marketing strategy and competitive analysis. 

Press Release
Casting the Future of Lighter Vehicles- Wall Street Journal

Lighter materials that are often more expensive are becoming more common in car designs. Since 2009, the percentage of aluminum as a component of vehicle weight has shot up 17% to 379 pounds a vehicle, or nearly 10% of the total.

Press Release
Christopher Ahn, Managing Director, Ducker Worldwide confirmed for Fuel Economy Detroit 2016

Christopher Ahn, Managing Director, Ducker Worldwide has been confirmed as a moderator for Fuel Economy Detroit 2016.


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