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Ducker Worldwide’s Philippe Bourrat presenting and co-organizing the keynote conference “ideas for the future” at the upcoming LE PRINTEMPS DES ETUDES event


The “Printemps des Etudes” (the spring of Research) trade show was created by and for the Communications, Marketing and Research profession in response to the industry’s need for a more comprehensive event. This meant combining exhibits, conferences and meet ups focused on intellectual content, with professional insights, feedback and flash benchmarking workshops.The Printemps des Etudes gathering is now the industry event of the year.

As an active industry participant, and board member of the Syntec Etudes Marketing, the professional association regrouping the 60 leading market research companies in France, Mr. Bourrat  participated in the selection of 15 innovative projects/ideas, which will be presented each by a team member from the start up that is developing/promoting it: including crowd sourcing, mining social networks, and innovative presentation tools. Each team has 2 minutes to pitch to the audience.

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