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White Paper: India - A compelling alternate in advanced manufacturing


Manufacturing in India  

After years in the shadow of its behemoth manufacturing neighbor China, India is poised for growth in the high-end manufacturing sector, especially in precision areas such as machine tool manufacturing. This new focus on manufacturing and service, and its movement away from the country’s traditional agro-economy, can be attributed to a collectively increasing sophistication of the country’s workforce and infrastructure and the potential need for global companies to diversify away from Chinese manufacturing base.

The stakes for the Indian economy are high: manufacturing employs 30% of the non-agricultural workforce in India and contributes to 15.2% of the country's gross domestic product[1]. The sector’s rise or fall sets the tone for the overall Indian business cycle and its health is very much at the core of India's socio-economic fabric. The Indian market provides both risks and opportunities for growth within advanced manufacturing and therefore an analysis of the elements of the macro environment and their implications is crucial before investment.

In the Whitepaper: India: A compelling alternate in advanced manufacturing, you'll learn:

1. Opportunity for manufacturing in India and how India compares to other countries
2. Growth trend -  manufacturing sector is slowly and steadily registering substantial growth
3. How India differs from China
4. Which sectors are ripe
5. Details regarding the sector with greatest opportunity for growth

White Paper: India - A compelling alternate in advanced manufacturing

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