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Ducker Worldwide Announces New Advanced Processes in Due Diligence Reducing Risk and Accelerating Post Transaction Success


In today's volatile market, successful transactions require raising the standards of your due diligence process. Ducker Worldwide helps investors take advantage of attractive valuations and new opportunities in a number of industrial segments.

Time and again you've conducted due diligence on targets to better understand your potential investments. The financials appear to be sound.  According to customer surveys, 90% of end users love the company.  Distributors say the product suite is leading-edge.  However post-acquisition, the company has not performed to expectations due to previously unidentified risks...creating an albatross on your portfolio.

Relying on Ducker's robust detailed approach could have improved your returns.  Did the survey tell you that weak financials would sink multiple key customers in the first year?  Was the market-leading product mix aligned with actual growth segments?  What if you had known that the top competitor was about to buy your top supplier?  Were customers happy because of lower-than optimal pricing?

Beyond improved valuation accuracy, returns, and a better 'hit rate of success', Ducker's industry expertise and rapid-response team make for faster response to seller bid requests - improving your likelihood of making the 'cut' and securing investment.  Not to mention more accurate and credible business case development - improving your access to financing.

Ducker Worldwide provides rapid-deployment and proprietary market intelligence, enabling industry professionals to make supported investment decisions.  Ducker's assistance throughout the due diligence process has proven to be an integral part of client M&A activity and investment case validation.

Multi-Stage Intelligence Gathering and Investment Valuation 

Ducker Worldwide provides due diligence across a broad range of industries, analyzing financial trends, market conditions, labor situations, environmental issues and other factors impacting M&A activity.  Clients have found Ducker's services indispensable due to our access to an extensive network of industry contacts, decision makers, and nearly 50 years of industry expertise.  Both during investment valuation and post-acquisition, Ducker can assist with:

  • Determining whether to acquire or merge a company
  • Selling a portion of their business
  • Adding or expanding product lines
  • Increasing regional or global reach
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