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Ducker Worldwide in the News - Lightweight AHSS Automotive Design: Pushing the Envelope


Lightweight AHSS Automotive Design: Pushing the EnvelopeRonald P. Krupitzer, Steel Market Development Institute

Today’s average North American light-duty vehicles include passenger cars, crossovers, SUVs, and pickup trucks. All together, this fleet of vehicles averages 60 percent steel by weight, according to recent studies conducted by Ducker Worldwide and Mega Associates. Steel is dominant in the body and chassis. It can be found in most hang-on components, such as suspension parts, bumpers, and closures like doors and liftgates. But, in truth, weight is not helpful to a vehicle. The more mass a vehicle has to carry, the harder the engine has to work to propel it, the brakes have to work to stop it, and the suspension has to work to manage the handling. The vehicle also consumes more gasoline for every mile traveled.

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