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Ducker Worldwide in the News: In Search of Weight Savings, Automakers Take Another Look at Aluminum


David Sedgwick
Automotive News

DETROIT -- Now that federal regulators are considering proposals to raise fuel economy standards as high as 62 mpg, automakers are taking a fresh look at new uses for aluminum.

By 2020, the average aluminum content of vehicles produced in North America will rise close to 400 pounds, up from about 326 pounds in 2009, as automakers choose lighter engine blocks, hoods and other components, predicts Richard Schultz, a consultant with Ducker Worldwide, a research firm in suburban Detroit.

Schultz, who will update his 2009 aluminum study this summer, does not expect mass-market automakers to produce aluminum-bodied vehicles such as the Audi A8, Jaguar XJ or Acura NSX.

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