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Transaction Advisory Services

Compelling Ideas for Capital Transactions.

Mergers. Acquisitions. Risk and reward. Ducker can help you make the right decisions throughout the entire process, from target to transaction and beyond.

Our clients look to Ducker to validate investment hypotheses, profile the landscape of inorganic growth opportunities and evaluate potential transactions. Ducker provides more than expert, proprietary market data and analysis—we also deliver application based expertise with the essential information and valuations you need to mitigate risks, optimize deal closing and advance post acquisition growth initiatives.   Our deal teams work globally and provide the experience and knowledge to successfully enter and exit the transaction cycle and place your company on a trajectory toward success.

Ducker Worldwide Transaction Advisory Services

Ducker Deal landscape
Deal landscape
Ducker Commercial transaction diligence
Commercial transaction diligence
Ducker Quality of revenue analysis
Quality of revenue analysis
Ducker Buy-side targeting and deal management
Buy-side targeting and deal management
Ducker Acquisition receptivity
Acquisition receptivity
Ducker Investment thesis and modeling
Investment thesis and modeling


Transaction Diligence. We look at your competitive landscape from all sides-customers, competitors, markets and financials. 

  • Voice of customer
  • Market sizing and forecast
  • Sector dynamics and trends
  • Competitor intelligence
  • Purchasing and supply chain
  • Products and technologies
  • Book of business analytics
  • Profit and margin segmentation


Buy-side Receptivity. We look for opportunities for efficient acquisition of platform companies or portfolio company bolt-ons. Ducker can:

  • Prioritize your needs (products, customers, footprint, capabilities and more) to establish your objectives.
  • Identify qualified, proprietary platform targets, or portfolio bolt-on acquisitions
  • Facilitate meaningful, transaction-related discussions with target companies
  • Leverage our industry knowledge and contact base to generate warm introductions and quickly determine the interest level of the target company
  • Build on previous transaction diligence or support management’s M&A strategy


Growth Thesis Testing. Ducker works closely with your business development and deal origination process to test, evaluate and expand growth hypotheses and opportunities facing your business.

  • Define attractive segment for growth investment and expansion, beyond typical opportunistic ideas identified 
  • Profile characteristics, value drivers and landscape of potential targets for qualification and pursuit 
  • Development of investment rationale from a commercial  perspective, including value and revenue forecasts 


Portfolio Company Support. We determine ideal product adjacencies, markets for growth and competitive intelligence.

  • Product adjacency mapping, prioritizing best-fit areas (e.g., core leverage)
  • Market sizing and segmentation of identified growth sectors
  • Product portfolio assessment (e.g., grow, hold, harvest) based on investment strategies, return needs, customers, supply chain and logistics
  • Scale and scope engagements to determine financial impact of changes in customer share, capabilities and capacity, footprint and regional growth
  • Competitor assessments comparing strategies, customers, technology and more
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